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Product Management Programs & Courses

Discover your path in Product and Entrepreneurship

We developed the first of its kind Product Management PdM career pathway that combines theory, practice, coaching and leadership.

We train and develop the product mindset for every stage of a learner's growth and development.
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Learn the fundamentals of Product Management all in one place! 

Everyone should be able to build great products. So, we have created the first ever Product Management course that teaches the fundamentals of how great products are made.


This self-paced online course is accessible by anyone, anytime.


Become a Product Manager in 12 Weeks: No Product or Tech Experience Needed!

Get all the education, experience, and coaching you need to become a professional Product Manager in 12 weeks, including:

  • Career & resume support

  • Coaching from industry experts

  • A practicum with a real company and product team

  • A Product Management community to support you

Watch our on-demand webinar now!

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Take your skills to the next level. 
Show the world you're a Product Management Professional

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing Product Management right? Are you frustrated with the lack of clarity in your role and feel stuck without guidance on your career path? Are you looking to level-up, up but don't have a clear path to that on the job? 

The PdM-P was designed for you to bring your own product to the course, and challenge yourself to practice in a more advanced way. 

Watch our on-demand webinar now!

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Advance your Product Leadership with Senior & Executive Training.

Are you un-intentionally scaling non-repeatable, non-standardized practices in your teams?

Are you unsure how to train at scale and refocus your time towards the thoughtful development of your people to drive psychological safety, empowerment and trust?

Empower your teams and people for scale. Learn repeatable, scalable training practices and refine your leadership practice at an executive level.  

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Coach the Product Management Mindset.

Empower teams, individuals and organizations towards their goals and unique potential. 

Get certified, join our movement to accelerate the adoption of this approach through the practice of coaching.

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Product Management

PDM-T for Entrepreneurs

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs face fierce competition, demanding customers, and a constant need for innovation. To navigate these challenges successfully, every entrepreneur should possess a crucial skill: Product Management.


With its unique blend of strategic thinking, customer empathy, and cross-functional collaboration, Product Management empowers entrepreneurs to create, launch, and scale successful products that drive business growth.

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Corporate Programs

Check out our offering to bring repeatable, scalable, standardized Product education into your organization!

Let us be your source to onboard new Product Managers and uplevel your existing team.

Other Certifications & Programs

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For Post-Secondary & Academic Institutions:

Bring the highest quality Product Management education into any of your programs with content licensing.

Get ahead of the market, and bring the program that offers industry-agnostic Product Management best practices with no pre-requisite, experience, or knowledge to get started.

It's out-of-the-box, turn-key content ready for you to use.

We can collaborate on the experience your students are asking for, create it for you, and train your team to deliver it.

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