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Education for the Future of Business
Delivered at Scale 

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Product Management is the future of business.

Get ahead of the industry, and bring the global standard and certification of Product Management into any credit, or non-credit course today.


"Tacit Edge is the leader in Product Management education with whom we have created a successful partnership. We've partnered with them to develop two micro credential programs with their content and expertise. Our Bootcamp program has been running since the Fall 2021 and our International program which includes the Tacit Edge content will begin in the Winter 2024.


Product Management is a much sought-after role with a constantly in-demand skill set. Student feedback is very positive and helps open doors to new employment and opportunities for our students. Keeping up to date is easy because we know Tacit Edge always has the latest best practices recognized in today’s industries."

Maria Rydén, Product Strategist, Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies | SAIT


I've been taking courses through the product community locally since the start of my journey into Product Management in 2020. Throughout that time, I have crossed paths with Christa and Renee often and always had a great experience — they are both so open, welcoming, and encouraging to people who want to learn about Product. 

The beautiful thing about the Product philosophies and strategies taught in the program is that they can apply to any kind of product! I think earlier-stage companies with digital products are the ideal fit for this program, but the lessons these students learn can be taken and applied to just about any company that wants to make their products better.

Tom Alvarez, Chief Product Officer | Goodlawyer

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For Post-Secondary & Academic Institutions:
Bring the highest quality, standardized Product Management education & certifications to your classroom.

Get ahead of the market, and bring the program that offers industry-agnostic Product Management best practices with no pre-requisite, experience, or knowledge to get started.


We can collaborate on the experience your students are asking for. 

Our curriculum is flexible. It can be used as a self-directed add-on or can be used by your instructors along with classroom-ready activities and competency reviews. Use our quality content, and issue your students industry-recognized PdM-T or PdM-P certifications.

We make it easy because we know what you need:

  • Affordable cost per student for foundational to advanced Certifications & Micro-Credentials

  • Simple licensing agreement

  • Easy to access content for your LMS, or use ours!

  • Support with your marketing materials.

  • Instructor training and certification.

  • Self-directed or cohort options with course playbook options

  • Affordable cost per student for foundational to advanced certifications.

  • Student engagement with weekly online mentorship from seasoned professional product coaches.

Hear from employers about the value of this mindset.

"What I’m seeing emerge, which is really good from a leader perspective and ultimately for our corporate culture, is the design thinking mindset at the core of what Tacit Edge teaches, I’m starting to see it happen in our company."

Turn-Key Licencing

How it Works:

Choose the level:

• Beginner/Foundational Level 1 PdM-T

• Professional/Advanced Level 2 PdM-P


Then, choose the level of support:

• Self-paced online content only

• Add weekly drop-in sessions where students can interact with each other  and our professional product coaches

Book a consultation with us to tell us how we can help!

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Learn More About Tacit Edge

Tacit Edge is an industry leader in bringing, equitable high-calibre standardized Product Management education around the globe. 


They are an award-winning organization that has created a standard of practice for the careers of the future. 


The global economy is shifting to have technology at the heart of every business and industry. The product management mindset is at the center of that shift.


Find out more about our founders by visiting

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