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Meet The Team

The road to Product Management excellence is unclear.
Tacit Edge is here to change that for individuals and companies.

“Product Management is a mindset. It’s about being wildly curious about the world, embracing every problem as an opportunity to solve and innovate, thriving in continuous learning, while having the ability to try on different perspectives.”

Christa Hill, Co-Founder

We are a Canadian-based tech-education company shifting the number of women and visible minorities graduating into Product Management and related roles with top companies around the world. 

Tacit Edge does this through curriculum and courses that combine online learning, coaching, and group facilitation that can be designed for post-secondary institutions and private companies, making impact for individuals and industry by helping to attract, train and retain qualified Product Managers, a skill set which is needed not only in technology companies but all industries.


Our founders are driven to empower Individuals and teams alike to be the passionate product leaders they are meant to be by tapping into their motivation and drive to build amazing products and solve specific industry and global innovation problems in our technology sector and beyond.


Meet Christa

Christa J. Hill, ICF-PCC, PdM-L, PdM-C, ICF-ACPT, PMC-III | Co-Founder, Tacit Edge
Christa is a Co-founder of Tacit Edge Product Leadership where she blends her industry expertise to fuel our economy with empowered, innovative, and diverse product leaders that embody the entrepreneurial spirit. Along with her co-founder Renee Matsalla, their vision is to create high-caliber, standardized Product Management curriculum for SAIT and other educational and corporate institutions.


Christa started her career in the early days of online banking and money transfer services, while also working in various compliance roles in the financial services industry. She then took on a passion project in the not-for-profit sector to revitalize a local community recreation centre. Upon her return to tech, she discovered a path from Product Ownership at Getty Images to Product Management at Benevity. At Benevity, now a $1.1B unicorn tech company, her work was instrumental in scaling the platform to onboard and vet over 2 million global not-for-profits and disburse over $2 billion in funds, while elevating the grants application process in collaboration with Microsoft USA. She then led the vision of Benevity’s content API, which is designed to become the engine of Benevity's end-user experience.

Christa returned to FinTech with Morgan Stanley At Work as Vice President, Global Private Markets Product Management. Christa was instrumental in moving money around the globe through purpose-built services that facilitate liquidity events within employee stock plans for private fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Additionally, she used her extensive API experience to create the first-ever public-facing API that scales the administration of a corporation’s lifecycle from private ownership to IPO. This ground-breaking work secured Morgan Stanley’s position as the premier product for Private Markets liquidity activities. Together with her technology partners, they rose from millions to billions of dollars in activity within 12 months.

As a proud member of the  2SLGBTQI+ community, and is an ICF PCC level Professional Business Coach with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Christa is known for her diverse perspective on coaching Product and executive leaders, helping them to deepen their expertise in Product Leadership, organizational transformation and building business agility. 

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Meet Renee

Renee Matsalla, PdM-L, PdM-C, ICF-ACPT, CSPO, A-CSPO | Co-Founder, Tacit Edge
Renee is a Product and Executive Coach at Tacit Edge Product Leadership where she helps people reach their potential as product leaders. She currently coaches at SAIT, The Scrum Alliance, the New York Federal Reserve, and dozens of other companies where she has helped Product Managers from around the world. Before this, she was a Sr. Product Manager at Benevity, where she specialized in visioning and launching Benevity’s most exciting products, which were instrumental for Benevity to reach a unicorn $1.1B valuation. Her products include Missions, a positive action tracker, which is used by the world’s biggest brands including PayPal, Nike, and Apple, and Peer Matching, which allows employees to match the donations of their peers. Peer Matching was launched in 2020 with Google, and raised $86M for charity in 3 months.

Before Benevity, Renee worked on ActiveConversion's management team, proudly helping them become the leading sales and marketing software for industrial companies. Renee’s newest passion is diversity, inclusion, and belonging; an area that is especially important to her after living as an ex-pat in the diverse and vibrant Berlin, Germany. Renee’s work in Berlin saw her leading the launches of mobile monetization products used by Facebook, Google, and the world’s largest mobile game developers. 


Renee loves to coach and elevate other Product Managers and is an ACPT-level Professional Business Coach with the ICF (International Coaching Federation. She has coached Product Managers from around the world to become product leaders. In her spare time, Renee loves to climb, hike, and play flamenco guitar. 

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