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Your Path To Product Success Starts Here

Learn how the world's best products are made with product leadership training and individualized coaching.

Technology Alberta, Alberta Innovates and Tacit Edge have partnered to bring Product Management education plus professional coaching to entrepreneurs in Alberta.

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Think you need funding before you hire a Product Manager?

Think again! 

"I just did not want to repeat past failures.

This education helped me not to waste valuable resources and time."

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs face fierce competition, demanding customers, and a constant need for innovation. To navigate these challenges successfully, every entrepreneur should possess a crucial skill: Product Management. With its unique blend of strategic thinking, customer empathy, and cross-functional collaboration, Product Management empowers entrepreneurs to create, launch, and scale successful products that drive business growth.

Learn with a class of your peers across the industry. Connect with others and your product mentors at Tacit Edge in this special 5-week immersive learning experience!

Apply for the AB Jobs Grant and have up to 66% of your fees covered!*

$2,500 Regular Price After May 25
Early Sign-Up Pricing in Effect
$2,200 CAD

  • Access to our full curriculum library and templates.

  • 5 weeks of online live class time with our professional product coaches.

  • Globally recognized PdM-T Micro-Credential.

  • Access to our Product activities to help you put what you are learning into action.

  • Access to our Slack community where you can connect with our learning community and get support from other students.

  • 14-day money-back guarantee

  • Alberta Jobs Grant Eligible!  Apply Here

What You Get Through This Program:

Join the "I Heart Alberta Tech Product Management" Course


  • For 5 weeks you will attend weekly 1.5-hour classes hosted live online by our Product Management Coaches.

  • You will take your product/business idea through an entire loop of design thinking activities plus Product Management frameworks.

  • You bring your own product how to reduce risk of failure, and how to establish a culture of Product thinking and Product-led growth to get you on the path to an MVP, scaling and beyond.


  • Entrepreneurs who want to drastically increase their chance of product success, scale in a sustainable way, and understand Product Management practices that reduce risk.

  • Anyone who is part of a product team and wants to build products that solve real problems, not just features.


We cover all the basics: You will learn product management practices end to end, including product and user discovery, product visioning, strategy, prototyping, launch, and optimization. No experience is required.

Further along in your Product journey? Try this!

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"Renee and Christa are passionate product leaders and coaches, it's impossible to not be enthusiastic about product when you participate in this class. It's a good balance of heart-led visioning and pragmatic strategy building."

Jon MacConnell | Founder, Buoyancy Works

Learn More About Tacit Edge!

Who is Tacit Edge and what do we do?

  • We specialize in coaching and supporting the product mindset to drive innovation.

  • We believe in providing inclusive, equitable, and standardized product education for all. 

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