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What Makes a Great Product Manager | Answered by Industry Experts

Great product managers possess a dynamic blend of analytical thinking, effective communication, and visionary leadership. They navigate complexities with adaptability, align teams with clear communication, and lead with a strategic vision. This combination ensures they orchestrate successful product development journeys, driving innovation and achieving business goals with excellence.

Let's delve into the core skills, qualities, and insights from industry experts that define greatness in product management.

Core Skills and Qualities of a Great Product Manager

Great product managers possess a myriad of skills, but certain qualities stand out as the pillars of greatness, setting them apart in the competitive landscape of product management.

Analytical Thinking:

A great Product Manager is the maestro of data, orchestrating insights from user feedback, market trends, and performance metrics. Analytical thinking is the compass that guides informed decision-making, ensuring the product sails in the right direction.

Effective Communication:

Communication is the heartbeat of product management. A great Product Manager possesses the art of conveying complex ideas with clarity. Whether articulating product visions or collaborating with diverse teams, effective communication is the key to aligning everyone toward common goals.

Leadership and Vision:

Great Product Managers are not just managers; they are leaders with a clear vision. Their ability to inspire teams, provide direction, and navigate the product's journey sets them apart. Leadership and vision go hand in hand, guiding teams through the product development landscape.

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Great Product Managers Understand User Needs and Market Trends

To craft successful products, a great Product Manager must possess a deep understanding of user needs and market trends, steering the product toward relevance and excellence.

User-Centric Approach:

At the core of greatness lies a deep understanding of user needs. A great Product Manager champions a user-centric approach, ensuring products resonate with users and address their real problems. This focus on user satisfaction fuels product success.

Market Awareness:

Staying ahead in the competitive landscape requires market awareness. Great Product Managers are attuned to industry trends and market dynamics. Their strategies align seamlessly with the broader market, ensuring products remain relevant and competitive.

Collaborative Approach and Team Dynamics

Product development is a collaborative effort, and a great Product Manager excels in fostering a harmonious environment where teams thrive and innovation flourishes.

Cross-Functional Collaboration:

In the symphony of product development, collaboration is the melody. A great Product Manager conducts cross-functional teams harmoniously, fostering an environment where diverse skills and perspectives converge toward a shared vision. Collaboration is the catalyst for seamless execution.

Empathy and Team Building:

Empathy is the secret sauce that binds teams together. Great Product Managers understand the individual and collective perspectives of team members, fostering a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. Team building is not just a skill; it's a hallmark of product management greatness.

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Adaptability and Learning Agility

Adaptability and learning agility are crucial skills for Product Managers because they enable professionals in this role to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of product development.


The product landscape is a constantly evolving terrain. Great Product Managers navigate uncertainties with adaptability, embracing change as an opportunity for growth. Their agility ensures they are always ready to pivot and respond to emerging challenges.

Continuous Learning:

In the journey toward greatness, continuous learning is the compass that points toward innovation. Great Product Managers prioritize staying updated on industry trends and emerging technologies, positioning themselves as perpetual students of the ever-evolving product management discipline.

Decision-Making and Prioritization

The ability to make strategic decisions and prioritize effectively is a needed skill set for any type of Product Manager, steering the product toward success in a competitive market.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Decisions without data are like a ship without a compass. Great Product Managers rely on data-driven decision-making, using insights to prioritize features and initiatives. The strategic utilization of data ensures every decision aligns with the overarching goals.

Strategic Prioritization:

The art of prioritization is a cornerstone of greatness. Great Product Managers master the skill of aligning tasks and features with strategic goals. Their ability to allocate resources efficiently ensures the product journey is a well-guided expedition.

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Industry Insights from Product Management Professionals

Discover what makes great Product Managers stand out! Tacit Edge's co-founders, Christa J. Hill and Renee Matsalla, share their industry perspectives and insights into the qualities that contribute to greatness.

Christa’s Insights: The best Product Managers come from unconventional backgrounds! What they all have in common is a deep enthusiasm for curiosity, empathy and helping others do their best work. They lead through influence and by example and not through control. They are able to ask a team what “they need” to take the next step with confidence in the process without needing to know how the story will end! They lean into their competency, and thrive in discovering more every day with their teams.

Renee’s Insights: I think that the greatest Product Managers know their skills and are confident to try new things. They trust their team and empower them to do their best work without micromanaging. The greatest Product Managers inspire and empower.

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