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Your Path To Product Management Starts with the PdM Starter Course

Learn all the foundational elements of Product Management (PdM), all in one place, and get on the path to your dream job in one of the fastest-growing roles in North America today.

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Think you are not technical enough?

Think again! 

"It was an automatic 'yes!'"

This education is designed to help you overcome the things that have kept you away from taking that chance on your pivot.

The economy of the future needs your skills and your experience PLUS an awareness of business agility. You don't need to come from tech to be able to work in industries that are pivoting towards technology as the core of their business.

Get ahead of the fear, and embrace your fit in this emerging field that needs you!

Attain your first certification with no risk.

PdM Starter Course:
Athabasca PowerED Online
$600 CAD
  • Access to our full curriculum library and templates.

  • Globally recognized PdM-T Micro-Credential.

  • Access to our Product Management (PdM) activities to help you put what you are learning into action.

  • Access to our Slack community where you can connect with our learning community and get support from other students.

  • Optional add on access to 7 online weekly sessions.

  • 14-day money-back guarantee

What You Get Through This Program:

PdM Starter Course:
Product Management 

This program is self-paced and offers weekly drop in product mentoring sessions. This course is the gateway to discovering the next step with your product idea, your career or for your business! Walk away access to a new network, and your first Product Management (PdM) Credential saying that you are trained in the foundations of Product Management principals.


  • Folks who are interested in the Product Management but aren’t sure if it’s right for them.

  • People who want to pivot their careers towards technology roles to future-proof themselves in their profession.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to drastically increase their chance of product success, scale in a sustainable way, and understand Product Management practices that reduce risk.

  • Anyone who is part of a product team and wants to build products that solve real problems, not just features.


We cover all the basics: You will learn product management practices end to end, including product and user discovery, product visioning, strategy, prototyping, launch, and optimization. No experience is required.

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"I recommend this course to any department looking to reduce middle management and to help grow more empowered teams at the individual level."

Marcie Jones, Chief Digital Officer | Xerris

Learn More About the Program

In this playlist, learn about: 

  • What is "Product" and Product Management

  • Is it for you?

  • Where do you start?

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