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  • I want to learn the basics of Product Management fast.
    From the comfort of your home or on the go, we have the fundamentals you can watch online at your own pace. Learn all the latest best practices from industry veterans, connect with the product community. Try the role on and find out if you can see yourself in it! Start your career with this global Product Management Trained (PdM-T) Micro- Credential!
  • I want to become a Product Manager but I don't have experience.
    Have an incredible career or education and are looking to pivot into product, but can't because "you don't have enough experience with a development team"? We create a course to answer that, and also how you can have the same chance as anyone else to get the job you want. No development experience needed! Our Applied Product Management Course with SAIT will get you there. We have the stats to prove it. This groundbreaking course is designed to allow you to learn and practice in a safe environment that replicates the real world of a product build. This course is global, no matter where you are, you can attend. Learn all the latest best practices from industry veterans, connect with the product community, and apply your learnings to real product problems with real developers and real companies. In 12 weeks, you could be getting the job you need to pivot our skills towards the career of your future
  • I am a Product Manager and I want a promotion.
    Become a confident and respected Product Manager in 60 days. Work with a real Product Pro using your own product to level up your practice. Learn how to speak to the value you create, and build deeper and more productive relationship with the business, your teams, and your leader. Get in the drivers seat of your career path with our Product Manager Professional Course. We take you through advanced user research, discovery, prototyping, agile practices, product leadership, and collaboration techniques while honing your product’s vision and strategy. Sessions and Professional 1:1 Coaching are led by Product experts who give guidance and feedback. Individual coaching helps you discover and craft how to get the career you want. Then show the world your expertise with a Credly PdM-P Micro-Credential.
  • I am a Product Leader and want level up my team.
    Advance your organization. Learn the fundamentals of how great products are made as a leadership team. Through this immersive training, you and your team will learn the latest Product Management best practices and leave with an action plan to transform your organization into a product-led company. The key element for success in any transformation is leadership alignment and leaders who lift their teams as they shift in their practice. This unique course allows you the set the stage for this shift by aligning on goals, outcomes, and what success looks like for your business through the lens of Product Management. We dig into the unspoken challenges in teams and leadership and learn how to build a culture of innovation and psychological safety that are the core ingredients for growth.
  • I want to bring Product Management courses to my academic institution.
    Find out how you can take our trusted content and bring it into any course or environment! We offer out of the box access for all levels from introduction to advanced Product Management courses that are perfect for: Academic institutions looking to provide standard Product Management education in a multi-disciplinary program with or without instructor support. Teams that are digitally transforming to adopt new technology and evolve existing business processes. Product adjacent roles that need coaching towards a product-led approach that focuses on iterative development, learning, and continuous alignment. Companies adopting agile principals through their organization and into their business. Agile/Scrum/Product teams and educators that want to standardize and up-level their practice to build products that solve real problems, improve speed to learnings, and ship outcomes that can be measured, not just features in their products.
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Who is Tacit Edge and what do we do?

  • We specialize in coaching and supporting the product mindset to drive innovation.

  • We believe in providing inclusive, equitable, and standardized product education for all. 

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